Bay of Quinte Charters is owned and operated by West Lake Willows Resort. We offer fully guided walleye charters as well as salmon charters. We have 2 full time transport Canada certified and trained guides and captains that work hard to make your time on the water an exciting and memorable experience.

Walleye - During May and June we offer Walleye Charters on the Bay of Quinte as well as West Lake. During this time we are primarily fishing for resident walleye that average between 2-5lbs. Walleye as large as 10 lbs are caught although not common. During this time we primary operate out of Picton Harbour and fish the areas of Long Reach, Hay Bay, Shermans Point, Thompson's point,Picton Bay, Mallory Bay, Big Bay, and the narrows. We do also operate on West Lake if the fishing dictates as so.

During September, October, and November we offer Trophy Walleye Charters targeting the big mature trophy walleye that migrate into the Bay of Quinte. These walleye average around 8lbs but walleye between 10-12 lbs are frequent with fish over 13lbs fairly common.

Walleye enter the Bay of Quinte through Adolphus reach which is east of the Glenora Ferry. Again we primarily operate out of Picton Harbour and during the early part of the migration we target these fish in the waters of Adolphus reach in the areas of Pryners cove, what is known as the bat cave, and keiths shoal. As the water temperature drops the trophy walleye continue to migrate into the Bay of Quinte and we then start to target this fish in the waters in and around Picton Bay, Long Reach, Thompson's Point, Sherman's Point, Hay Bay, and the Narrows.

Salmon - During late June, July, and early August we switch to offering Salmon Charters out of Wellington on Lake Ontario. We are primarily targeting the Chinook Salmon in Lake Ontario, although we often catch Coho salmon, rainbow trout and brown trout as well. The fishing grounds are either east towards Salmon point, west point, and wicked bank, or west towards scotch bonnet, mcfauls shoal, palen bank, and scotch bonnet, shoal.

We look forward to spending a day on the water with you.

Captain, Scott Walcott